You'll Never Be The Same Here

we got our class photo that will be used in school magazine.
although the prefects arranged us in an order that we don't like,
so we change ourselves.

A total of 40 students and 1 teacher. (1 absent)

From left to right 3rd row(mostly westerns):

Tan Shou Zheng, Liow Ying Chen, Tan Yi Herng, Lye Kar Chun, Boon Cheng Kai, Ooi Chun Lin, Steven Ong, Ng Yan Xun, Ng Aik Gee, Lim Zi Bing, Ong Tze Han, Ow Liang Yue, Lim Yang Kwang, Koh Qi Xuan, Leong Yu Kai.

From left to right 2nd row:
Philip Khor, Lau Jia Kuan, Lam Kuo Min, Harrison Niap, Tan Wen Jie, Tan Jia Jun, Chong Yuk Hang, Chew Shun Jie, Michael Patrick, Ng Wei Liang, Lee Shun Yu, Leong Yu Hao, Chai Gau Hong, Ooi Yve Xian, Fong Jia Xian, Tay Seng Boon, Khor Wen Xiang.

From left to right 1st row:
Lam Han Min, Lai Chern Shun, Tung Wen Yan, Shaun Goh, Pn. Mazlinawati, Ong Yong Hang, Philip Chin, Ng Siang Yaik, Ong Chea Yee.

the interesting part.
the result made that day for a total of 40 awards.
Result were shown in 4 different languages.
(Bahasa Malaysia, 华语, English, Hokkien)

Dipinggirkan Award - Tan Shou Zheng
熟 Award - Liow Ying Chen
失恋 Award - Tan Yi Herng
Kuai Kia Award - Lye Kar Chun
Emo Award - Boon Cheng Kai
Lan Ci Award - Ooi Chun Lin
Mushroom Head Award - Steven Ong
Everest Award - Ng Yan Xun
Kepala Bawang Award -Ng Aik Gee
Yam Award - Lim Zi Bing
偶像脸 Award - Ong Tze Han
Tu Kau Award - Ow Liang Yue
咪咪脸 Award -Lim Yang Kwang
黑炭 Award -Koh Qi Xuan
超老 Award -Leong Yu Kai
Ciao Bin Award -Philip Khor
酷 Award -Lau Jia Kuan
Sleepy Award - Lam Kuo Min
Tao Mo Yeng Award -Harrison Niap
Pandai Award -Tan Wen Jie
Alien Award - Tan Jia Jun
Kepala Serong Award - Chong Yuk Hang
无辜 Award - Chew Shun Jie
女性化 Award - Michael Patrick
Man Award - Ng Wei Liang
Comel Award - Lee Shun Yu
Darlie Spokesperson Award - Leong Yu Hao
Bo Rasa Award - Chai Gau Hong
Act Pro Award - Ooi Yve Xian
情侣 Award - Fong Jia Xian & Tay Seng Boon
灿烂Award - Koh Weng Xiang
Serious Award - Lam Han Min
Stim Award - Lai Chen Shun
美腿 Award - Tung Wen Yan
无法形容 Award - Shaun Goh
Kontra Award - Pn. Mazlinawati
Putih Award - Ong Yong Hang
走光 Award - Philip Chin
Kemas Award - Ng Siang Yaik
Gina Bin Award - Ong Chea Yee

Note: If any name type wrong, please report and we'll correct it for you.


Our Talent Master, Liow Ying Chen,
had a harmonica concert at KOMTAR.
and for sure,
Western Republic will support the concert.

After the concert held at Saturday,
Ying Chen brought a booklet for 3TA4 Western Republic 2009 at Monday.
Check out the content of this booklet.

The cover page for the booklet

Programme & Introduction of Band Harmonica

Inscription from people in charge

Songs that are played that night

Organising Committee list and AJK list

Some pictures taken at 2007

After many and many and many of advertisement,
we came to this advertisement.

a full page advertisement by 3TA4 Western Republic.
it cost RM100.
Ying Chen: "Thank You Western Republic!!"
Western gave out RM100 to support Ying Chen's concert.
P/S: Western 180° had change from logo to brand. Official logo were now 80% complete.

HoLiao, recently updated at school, but don't have time to upload.
so just sit back,
perhaps you can ROFL..

Lastly, a funny picture of the Westerns.
Just a short post. Stay tuned for more.

P/S : Photos above can be enlarge by clicking it.
Competition for logo left 1 month, better get your engines start.
More photos on Qi Xuan's hands. Blog will be updated soon.

After a long wait...

2-3 months,
finally the brand for 3TA4 Western Republic 2009,
Western 180° was done. (ok ar ok ar. 90% done only la)

The reason for the name Western 180° is just simple.
just turn the logo clockwise or anticlockwise 180°.
you can clearly see the word "Western Republic"
*for computers with super keat keat graphics/monitor,
hold Ctrl-Alt and press arrow key down,
hold Ctrl-Alt and press arrow key up again to resume.

Although the sketch were out,
but we still need your help in completing this brand.

1. right click the brand above, click "save picture as..."
2. edit the brand without changing its design.
3. save your file, attach picture at email and send to a4westernrepublic09@hotmail.com.
*blogger got problem with this image. For best quality of this brand, request from us and we'll attach and email to you.

Rules and Regulations
The judges decision are final.
Judges deserve the rights to make any adjustments to the winning brand
Judges have the rights to change the rules and regulations without prior notice

The winner will win himself/herself a Western Republic T-shirt,
(which will be done after PMR)
Entry ends by Monday.(1st September 2009)
Results will be announced by Friday.(4th September 2009)

Be a part of 3TA4 Western Republic 2009.

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